Therapeutic Arts

Art as a companion on your journey through life

I am looking for:

Therapeutic Arts Counselling

for myself

Therapeutic Arts Counselling

for children, teens & young people

Therapeutic Arts Workshops

for groups & organisations

Therapeutic Arts

Sometimes it’s hard to talk. Turbulent emotions & moods, impossible to grasp, let alone explain to others. Although talking to another human being helps, art needs no words. In art we can allow ourselves to feel. Express the unspeakable ‘stuff’ in colour, gesture and images. Art doesn’t mind. It accepts us as we are, whatever our story. It provides a refuge – a safe space to explore what lives inside.

Therapeutic art techniques

Free your emotions. Speak your freedom. I didn’t know how to put it in words but it came in the picture.

Personal therapy client

I need support with:

Personal Growth

I want to get more out of life and need help to overcome blocks and limitations.

Overwhelming emotions

I get so angry, anxious, terrified etc. and it physically hurts sometimes.

Sadness and grief

I feel deeply sad, lost, desperate, alone. I get so tired & drained.

Critical life events

Something drastic has happened to me and I am not able to move on.

What’s your challenge?

As individuals we are going through an entirely unique life journey. Get in touch to discuss how therapeutic arts counselling can help in your situation. 
Call 075133 60935 to arrange a convenient date & time. Alternatively, send a text or fill in the contact form.  

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Marie Grueberova

Therapeutic Arts Counsellor

As a practising artist, I have experienced the therapeutic effects of arts on myself. Art has become a trusted companion that helped me to get through life’s challenges and continues to inform, resolve, and nourish my whole being. My passion is to aid people on their own journey of healing and self-discovery with arts.

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